Who is Moxie?

We’re Glad You Asked.

To say that we’re a full-service marketing agency isn’t quite enough. You could describe us as your innovation-loving, results-driven, leave-no-stone-unturned creative partner, but that’s a bit too long-winded for our taste. We prefer to keep it short and sweet:

Moxie is your marketing ally.

At Moxie, we’re all about real work, real stories, and creating real value for your brand. We collaborate with you, bringing your business expertise to the table with our team’s know-how to deliver bold, original ideas that set you head and shoulders above the rest. If that means blowing up the conventional approach to get it done, you can bet we have a stick of dynamite (or two…maybe three) ready to go. That’s why our clients—from local mom-and-pops to Fortune 500s—choose us, and why they’ve been doing so for over 50 years.

Because if you want to make an impact, you’re going to need a little Moxie.

Meet Our Team

Christa Miehe


Attended classes at the prestigious Iowa Writer’s Workshop

Never met a curse word she didn’t like

Loves a reason to celebrate (any reason) and decorate her home for every single holiday

Michele Jensen

Vice President

Regularly enjoys a bowl of ice cream before bed

Fought through a Gulf of Mexico riptide while family/friends happily frolicked in fun and sun with little concern for her imminent peril

Finds hearing people crack their necks to be the most cringe inducing experience

Sarah Wieland

Business Developer

Iowa grad who married an ISU grad resulting in 4 Cyclone boys and a dog named Cy

Loves mixing up my own spice blends

Grew up on a farm and was selected as “Beef Queen” at the local fair

Veronica Barber

OTS Marketing Coordinator

Will tackle any project if there’s a good YouTube “how-to:” built her own home desk, complete bathroom remodel, vehicle breaks, oil maintenance, etc.

Not ashamed to be a Harry Potter fanatic.

Absolutely loves a good steak, but has an affection toward cows because they are cute! Just keep them separate in her mind, it’s fine!

Tony Luetkehans

Special Projects Director

Takes no umbrage to mispronunciations of his surname when an honest effort is applied to the task

Maker enthusiast, enjoys creating useful and fun things with his hands

Has never met an olive that he didn’t like (all varieties)

Desiree Trimble

Client Strategy Director

Relieves stress by taking her 2005 Ford Mustang for a long drive

Finds touching chalk, Styrofoam, or cotton balls repulsive

Believes tacos should be a required daily food group

Matt Miller

Creative Strategy Director

Has survived (and beaten) multiple hot wings challenges

Is an Ohio State Buckeyes super fan

Thinks Apple products are overrated (and will argue that fact with you)

Christy Pospisil

Traffic Manager

Is a self-described Print Geek

Plays a mean game of scrabble

Finds helping a good plan come together exhilarating

Kimberly Rogers

Account Manager

Owns over 75 pairs of shoes

Can recite/sing the 50 states in alphabetical order

Is obsessed with all things Halloween

Jenny Hughes

Account Manager

Is a vegetarian and loves to cook

Her father was raised in an Amish community – most of her relatives are still Amish

Has degrees in both Marketing and Anthropology – considered pursuing Primatology, but didn’t want to show up Jane Goodall

Sydney Owen

Account Manager

MARVEL/Movie enthusiast

Loves a good Trivia Night at a local restaurant/bar

Believes potatoes are incredible in any form (french fries, mashed, baked, etc)

Mike McGill

Corporate Marketing and Events Specialist

Is a Bloody Mary connoisseur

Once had a sandwich named after him

Ice Ice Baby is his go to karaoke song

Brooke Vry

Events Coordinator

Being a dog mom is one of her personality traits.

Has Pinterest aesthetic boards for just about everything, dare to ask her about it

Received a superlative for most likely to schedule eating on her calendar.

Samantha Doering

Events Coordinator

Runs on Dunkin Donuts Carmel Iced Coffee

Would love to run a dog rescue/sanctuary on a big farm like the 101 dalmatians

Is a huge Dallas Cowboys Football Fan.. even though they never win

Kyle Brown

Events Coordinator

Ran for president at work and got beat out. Here’s to KB2024. If you want something done, KB is the one

Diet Coke is a must

Lake life is the best life

Brittany McCann

Events Administrative Assistant

May or may not have attended UNI because their mascot is a cat (Go Panthers!)

Deeply rooted fear of chewy bacon due to childhood trauma involving the Heimlich Maneuver

1st place winner for her VGM Halloween Crazy Cat Lady costume, but was it actually a costume?

Nic Redmond

Marketing Insights Analyst

Creates his own fermented hot sauce

Won an Xbox One in a BINGO/Dancing contest

Loves to sing, even if it’s terrible

Jonathan Wheeler

Web Developer

Caught a guitar pick from Slipknot’s bassist Alessandro Venturella

Has played guitar for 7 years

Averages around 180,000 minutes listened on Spotify per year

Lori Stewart

Senior Graphic Designer

Champ of the VGM blind taste testing chicken strip challenge

How you treat animals is all she needs to know about you

Cash in her wallet MUST all face the same direction

Jamie Gray

Graphic Designer

Has brewed her own beer before and designed the labels

Can do a headstand

Is a music junkie

Sarah Harken

Graphic Designer

Has two kids and two dogs

Spends most of summer on a boat

Moscow Mules are her drink of choice

Aaron Sweeny

Graphic Designer

Likes cats

Likes movies

Likes books

Jason Fliehler

Video Content Director

T-shirt aficionado

Root beer connoisseur

All-around nice guy

Mike Thuesen

Video Producer

Was born to alpine ski! Grew-up skiing in the Steamboat & Summit County areas.

Is a real foodie. Both high-end and very, very low-end. Foie gras to Cheetos!

Wears glasses…but does he need them? The answer will not surprise you…he does.

Thomas Benjamin

Photo/Video Producer

Once won a talent show in college by singing “5000 Candles in the Wind” from Parks and Recreation

Is an above-average home mixologist. Don’t start a conversation with him about it unless you’re ready for him to nerd out

Could eat Panda Express’ orange chicken for every meal the rest of his life

Jen Gilbert

Senior Copywriter

Grew up in Miami and misses the beach

Once bumped into Shaquille O’Neal’s knees

Secretly wants to be a food blogger

Lathan Ehlers


Has a visceral response to cotton balls being torn in half

Plays a D&D character who’s accompanied by a spectral gnome with a crude sense of humor

Running for Chairman of the Oxford Comma Appreciation Society

Kristen Guess


Has only met one celebrity in person—a chance encounter with Coolio at an airport

Loves being near water—beach, river, pond, pool, etc.

Taught her cat how to high five

Kyle Rekemeyer

Junior Copywriter

Can and will talk for hours about cross stitching

Once had Ginger Spice from the Spice Girls reply to him on Twitter

Still believes he has a chance with Cher

Brooke Nolta

Outbound Communicator

Cannot live without Diet Mountain Dew

Is particularly proud of the time she ran a 10K

Is afraid of heights

Trent Walbaum

Outbound Communicator

Ordained minister with 100% success rate

Rides in Ragbrai any year he can

Hopes to be a snow bird in the near future

Denise Launderville

Billing Coordinator

Doesn’t know why she lives where the winter air hurts her face

Just wants to drink wine and rescue dogs!

Spends way too much on craft supplies, but doesn’t get very many crafts made

Love music? So do we!

Our “What’d You Play’n Wednesday” playlist is a collection of songs and artists that Moxers are currently jamming out to.

We’re an eclectic group of people and so is our music!