Group of Volunteers

Make a Difference—Connect Company Values to Internal Communication

Knowing what is important to your organization is important to employee engagement. Engaging employees is important to your performance. The more engaged your employees, the better your performance. So, using your regular company communications to remind employees what your corporate values are increases your opportunity to connect with employees and ensure that they’re hearing and … Read more

Virtual Event Meeting

Host a Virtual Event that Wows the Crowd – Here’s How

In 2020, a company called Bizzabo conducted a survey to gather information about the shifting landscape of events. As they analyzed the results, one thing was clear: Virtual events are the new focus. 93% of event professionals plan to invest in virtual events moving forward. 68% of event marketers reported that a hybrid solution that … Read more

Email Marketing Laptop

Email Marketing 101 – Building a Solid Foundation for Meaningful Analytics

If you’re being challenged to justify your marketing budget, you are not alone. The pressure is on to prove your teams’ value. Is your content on message? Is it getting to the right inboxes? Is it improving over time? Knowing these answers is the start to understanding your email marketing return on investment (ROI).  Get started by organizing your data and translating it … Read more

Branding Book

Stand up for your brand (Part 2 of 3): Freedom of creativity

Branding guides are essentially rule books governing the use of you company’s identity, but that doesn’t mean they limit your creative team’s freedom. They’re foundational building blocks. It’s so interesting to see what happens when different craftsmen begin work with the same tools. Established brand standards actually help you push the visual envelope and explore … Read more

Branding Book

Stand up for your brand (Part 1 of 3)

You’ve done your research. You’ve been through countless iterations and months of back-and-forth with your team, your designer, your agency. Finally, it’s done: your new logo, tagline and branding platform. Now what? You need a branding guide. A branding guide is the only way to set standards and ensure everyone who touches your brand is … Read more