5 Tips for Personal Posting on LinkedIn

Countless business and organizational leaders scroll LinkedIn every day without knowing what they would post for themselves. If you consider yourself part of this category, it’s OK! You can give yourself a break, LinkedIn relationships are complicated.  

  • You don’t want your ideas to be wrong  
  • You don’t have time to make graphics or post a photo 
  • You don’t know what content to post that is relevant or how to keep posting consistently 

Here are just a few tips to take into consideration if you’re looking to post on LinkedIn: 

Start with the Questions You Answer Most Frequently 

The closer you are to your customer, the more likely you understand their biggest concerns. Consider answering one frequently asked question over a series of three posts. Most scrollers are not prepared to fully dive into a subject on an average day but can easily start to understand the answer over a series of posts. Remember, you can give them all the tips you want, but you can’t make them an expert overnight. You’re showing them the easiest solution is to pay your company for your expertise. 

Posting Once a Week is Sufficient 

Unlike other platforms, LinkedIn was built for the busy professionals who don’t have time to dwell on the platform too long. This means posts have long lives. If your content is compelling, your audience can see your posts for more than a week after posting. In one study, a post received 20% extra views after one week. This is good news! You don’t have to post as frequently to make a buzz. 

Graphics – Take Them or Leave Them 

Unlike other platforms, the LinkedIn algorithm is less focused on images. In a pinch, you can share a text-only post, and people will still see it. For this to work, it will be important that your content is helpful to people. Also, you will need to post consistently over time.  

Plan 80% of Your Content in Advance 

Posting on the fly is tiring and removes your focus on what’s most important to you–your day-to-day commitment to customers, coworkers, and your craft. A clever strategist can help you plan 80% of your content in advance based on a one-hour conversation with you. They can even organize the content in a system for you (or a trusted helper) to easily post. 

Why People Engage 

People engage with big personal brands that have vast systems supporting them. But they can also engage with the everyday person who is out there sharing their stories as they try to make a difference. Here are a few reasons why people will engage with you: 

  1. Your real-life work and presence are friendly, helpful, or inspiring. 
  1. You post consistently and are not afraid to share vulnerabilities, quirks, or ideas that might be wrong. 
  1. You actively engage with others’ content (cheer them on). 

Rest assured; LinkedIn is the politest social media platform. You’ve got this! Give some of these ideas a try or reach out to Moxie for help.