Behind the Moxie Magic: Videographer 

Creating a video is one thing. Creating a video that tells a compelling story is another. At Moxie, we’re lucky to have some of the best in the business when it comes to crafting the Moxie magic for our clients’ videos. Thomas Benjamin is Moxie’s photo/video producer and a critical player behind the camera. We recently sat down with Thomas to get a little more insight into his work and what makes the magic happen. 

1. What got you into video production? 

In college, I was involved in a video project. We filmed, recorded voiceovers…and I realized later that everything was done out of order during production. Once I saw the finished product, I couldn’t believe how it all came together. I was so fascinated by the process that I asked the producer for an internship, and he agreed. The passion hit me—I learned so much about video production during that year that I decided to pursue a career in it. 

2. What are your favorite project types? 

It’s hard to pick, but I do enjoy customer/client testimonials. The story is already there, but the challenge I have to solve is, “How do I help this person tell their story?” It’s not an easy challenge, but I feel the most accomplished when I successfully tell their story. 

3. What are some difficulties you encounter? 

One difficulty that comes with any video shoot with talent on screen is developing a trust with them. It’s hard to share personal stories, especially with a stranger behind a camera. So, I do what I can to build this trust up front. The content is only as genuine as the person delivering it. Just because something is difficult, does not mean it’s not fun or enjoyable. (Except for technical difficulties, those are never fun.) 

4. What techniques do you use to effectively tell a story through video? 

The person telling the story is just one piece of the puzzle—but how do we get the best out of that person? I will often ask questions that are the same overall but worded slightly different to try to get a variety of answers. You’d be surprised how much detail you can get by doing this. 

A cool thing about video is that we have so many assets available to enhance a story. But we don’t just throw in music and call it a day. It needs to fit, and it can take hours to find the perfect music track. We also utilize b-roll footage to add context and visual appeal. Plus, it can be edited in if there are gaps in the actual video that need to be filled. 

5. What is your dream project? 

A dream project for me would be to direct a movie—an independent film, not a blockbuster. Or if “Breaking Bad” comes out with another spinoff, I want to be a part of that some way. 

6. What are some hobbies outside of work? 

I like to play music—mainly guitar, but I dabble in a variety of instruments. I also enjoy gaming, and I try to live up to my self-appointed title of aspiring home chef and amateur mixologist. 

7. Favorite food and drink? 

I’ll answer with my last meal I’ll request if for some reason I find myself on death row: a plate of Buffalo wings with blue cheese and a hazy IPA; a medium-rare New York strip with a bourbon; and a cherry pie made with my family’s secret recipe, topped with vanilla ice cream and a glass of port wine. 

Video is more than just capturing the film. There are little nuances with every project required to tell the most effective story possible, from adding the perfect music to adding b-roll footage. We hope our talk with Thomas has provided insight into what makes the Moxie video magic possible. 

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