Digging into Brand Discovery: You’ll Never Know if You Don’t Ask  

Business is booming, but you need to drastically increase your workforce. Before you begin your recruitment campaign, it’s important to fully understand your company’s brand and identify areas of opportunities to maximize results.   

A robust brand discovery process will reveal your company’s strengths, weaknesses, and your most valuable offerings. Whether the goal is to recruit more employees, increase sales, or rebrand entirely, it’s vital to gather information and analyze the results. This important, and often overlooked, step equips you with a deep understanding of what your company needs and will enable you to provide the right messaging to meet your goal. 

Here are some of the steps Moxie takes to find the answers you need. 

Determine stakeholders 

This will depend on your main goal. For example, current employees and HR staff would have valuable insight for an employee recruitment campaign, and customers and sales staff would provide information on ways to increase sales. A rebranding project would benefit from the perspective of employees and/or customers who would be directly impacted by the change.  

Conduct interviews 

Information gives you context, direction, and an informed point of view. A list of open-ended questions tailored to the main goal will give stakeholders an opportunity to share their experiences and opinions. This is where we find out what potential employees, customers, and clients are looking for and their pain points.  

Analyze information 

Data is often predictive and directional and allows us to identify common themes, or contradictions. This is the insight that will expose areas in need of help and what services or offerings set your company apart. This analysis process is a powerful tool to get to know your customer, industry, and more importantly, your company.  

When this fact-finding mission is complete, it’s time to create personas and customized strategies for a stronger brand. Contact Moxie if you’re ready to dig deeper for superior results.