From Good to Great – Planning Events That Delight  

When you go to an event, you expect tables, chairs, networking, and maybe some food and drink. While all those details take behind-the-scenes coordination and planning, they tend to be standard, and they do not leave an impression on your guests. If you do those things well, you are a good event planner. We like to take it a bit further. 

Delight Guests With an Experience  

At Moxie, we aim for excellent experience planning. The key to experience planning is bringing something new, exciting, or different to the table with the goal of leaving a positive impression on your guests.  

Moxie puts this into practice often. Each year, we organize Heartland Conference, an industry-leading conference for home medical equipment providers. Heartland Conference attendees travel from cities across North America to attend the conference, which is in the heartland of Iowa. So, we asked ourselves, what’s unique about Iowa? The answer came quickly—farm life, family, and the Field of Dreams. 

Experience Farm Life 

This year, during the conference, we are giving our guests the opportunity to tour a local dairy farm where they will have the opportunity to milk cows in a milking parlor, eat fresh ice cream, and pet various farm animals. (The animals include kangaroos! That’s another story.) 

Experience Family 

“Why do you live in Iowa?” is a question I’ve heard numerous times while traveling to events this past year. Each time, family is at the top of my list. While our Heartland Conference guests are in town, we are determined to make them feel like they are part of our family. We do this by giving people rides, hosting an event specifically for our first-time attendees, and providing business-sector based, family-style dinners for our guests.  

Experience a Field of Dreams 

Millions of Americans watched in 2021 when the Yankees took on the White Sox in the first-ever, Major League Baseball game played in Iowa, at the historic Field of Dreams movie site. We decided to bring that experience to Heartland this year. We are doing so by carving out a baseball field in a corn field at the VGM Farmhouse for guests to play wiffleball on during our finale event.  

To leave your guests in awe after your next event, reach out to Moxie. We are excited to help bring your event to life. Contact Michele, at