How To Fall in Love with Your Marketing –Start with the Right Message

On our best day at Moxie, we help clients fall in love with their marketing. Sounds a little too good to be true, I imagine. But it’s not. Whether it’s loving the look of your graphics, feeling a sense of pride, or having the opportunity to demonstrate the real value you bring to customers, it all starts with building the right messaging foundation.

What is a Great Message?

Clients often come to us with a specific need. They want a website or a brand video to help tell their story. But if a solid messaging foundation has not been created, the message will not be as impactful as it could be. Here are a few things a great message can do:

  1. A great message expresses features and benefits as a beginning, but also captures the unique details of how customers experience your relationship while working together.
  2. A great message speaks at the customer’s level, hitting the right notes in a compelling, emotional way. (We often find that it’s hard for businesses to speak to their customers well when they are naturally so attached to the product or service.)
  3. A great message is consistent in language and is repeated frequently in your print and digital materials. This makes it memorable.

How We Help You Build a Great Message

With a combination of 70 years of writing experience about diverse, complex topics, Moxie’s team interviews your leadership, sales team, and customers to listen closely to the customer experiences that have made your team a success. 

The team then synthesizes the information to discover the magic your business offers. What results is the language describing the version of your company and products you have always loved, but with a twist. It’s a twist that speaks directly to your prospects’ challenges and how you solve them. 

Don’t Skip the Messaging Stage 

When you are knees-deep in selling and delivering a product, it’s easy to lose track of the magic you offer clients. That’s where Moxie can help. We listen intently to your stories, from your perspective and the customer one. We pull these together and add the twist – a detail you never recognized that was always right under your nose. Then our designers and video producers use this messaging to develop the look of your materials, too. 

And that’s when you fall in love with your marketing. 

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