Keep up your customer connections.

While we all continue to adapt to new ways of working, marketers need to continue finding new ways to connect with customers. Last month, we talked about how social videos offer a simple and cost-effective way to stay in front of your audiences. But that’s just the beginning.  Here are some ideas to help you reach existing customers and perhaps even attract some new ones during this unique time.

Expand your digital landscape.

If your business is firmly rooted in bricks and mortar, the surge in internet usage associated with people all over the world staying home may not be helping you. That means it’s time to explore new ways to be seen in the digital world. Even if you’re well-established online, why not add something new to your marketing mix? Some tips and tactics to consider:

  • Update your Google business profile. This only takes a few minutes and can mean the difference between a conversion and a missed opportunity. It’s especially important if your hours or services have changed due to the current situation.
  • Optimize your Facebook business page. Then, post and promote. If you haven’t spent quality time on Facebook in a while, you may be surprised by the myriad low-cost ways to advertise.
  • Add business pages on other social media platforms. A Facebook presence is the bare minimum in terms of social media for businesses. LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram are also useful tools for a variety of different types of businesses.
  • Build your review bank. Part of optimizing your Google and social pages is updating and adding to your reviews. There’s nothing wrong with asking your best customers to share their positive experiences in a review or endorsement.
  • Give your website a facelift. When was the last time you took a look at your SEO? How old are your photos or case studies? Your website needs regular maintenance and attention to deliver the best search and customer experience. Even small changes can produce big results.
  • Create a digital campaign. You’d be amazed at how quickly and easily Moxie can develop and place an online ad campaign for your business.

Reach out to your friends and fans.

Don’t forget outbound marketing. It’s a great time to dust off some of those tried-and-true tactics you may not have thought of in a while:

  • Send an email. Email is an ideal way to distribute any new content you’ve created, whether it’s a blog post, a video or an article. (Watch this space for more on content marketing, coming next month.) But low-effort contact is also appreciated at times like this. It is fine to send emails that simply say hello, share a quick update about your business (revised hours?) or spread some much-needed cheer.
  • Send a postcard. If direct mail isn’t making a huge comeback right now, it should be. People are home more than ever, and the USPS needs all the support it can get. Do your part and meet your audience where they are. Of course, landing pages and digital ads can support your direct mail campaign, but the best way into your customers’ world right now might be through the mailbox.
  • Make some phone calls. Pick up the phone and check in with some of your best clients. If your customer base is large, divide your list among staff members and across time. A simple check-in can mean a lot during stressful times.

It’s going to be a long time before anything is back to normal, so adaptation is key to success. How have you been staying in touch with your customers? If you need some help from Moxie, let’s talk soon.

Desiree Trimble

Desiree Trimble

With more than 20 years of experience, Desiree’s multidisciplinary career has included roles as a designer, art director, creative director, and account manager. She oversees Moxie’s client strategy team, including events, insights, account management, and telemarketing. Desiree works with her clients to create results-driven marketing strategies and help them realize the value of combining creativity and strategy.