Maximize Business Opportunities With a Friendly, On-Brand Phone Call

Let’s be honest, you are probably getting more car warranty calls these days than a call saying you won a million dollars. Either way it’s never been easier for you to screen incoming calls, but the questions is, how would you feel if you missed an opportunity or a chance of a lifetime just from ignoring a call?

The point is Moxie’s outbound communication services are here to connect you with beneficial opportunities to better your business. We are calling you for a reason and whatever that reason may be (not to extend your car warranty) we want you to know that it’s about growing and maximizing your business opportunities. Moxies Outbound Communications team makes calls to your customers, on your behalf, as additional representatives of your organization. It’s like hiring an army of experienced telecommunications specialists to spread your message, without having to do any hiring at all!

The friendly voice on the call isn’t just relaying information to your audience but connecting them with your brand and benefits, with the end goal always the same…to service you! We are giving your customer the information they need to navigate through these uncertain times.

We call to give the customer industry education opportunities, knowledge on new tools or product information, and chances to see how they compare to other organizations just like theirs. All said and done, it’s just short of a million dollars. Give our outbound communicators a try and see the benefits yourself! 

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Desiree Trimble

Desiree Trimble

With more than 20 years of experience, Desiree’s multidisciplinary career has included roles as a designer, art director, creative director, and account manager. She oversees Moxie’s client strategy team, including events, insights, account management, and telemarketing. Desiree works with her clients to create results-driven marketing strategies and help them realize the value of combining creativity and strategy.