Tell Your Story…With Moxie 

I like stories. I enjoy hearing them, telling them, and creating them. One of my favorite podcasts is StoryCorps from NPR. It’s a non-profit organization dedicated to recording, preserving, and sharing stories. In a normal StoryCorps podcast, two people sit down to record a conversation. It’s authentic, heartfelt, and entertaining.  

At Moxie, we specialize in telling stories for brands, products, and services. It’s more than just setting up a camera in front of a customer and asking a few questions. We do the research and planning to present your story in the best way. We have a conversation.  

Interviewing you and your customers to build a story is a great way to increase your message. According to HubSpot

68% of marketers say content showcasing their products and services generates the biggest ROI. Also, 40% of marketers claim the biggest benefit of creating video content is to help customers understand its products and services.   

On-camera interviews can make you feel nervous. Should you move your hands? Are you speaking clearly enough? Are you wearing the right color? No worries. It’s our job to create the best story and to present you and your brand in the best way possible. Here are just a couple of tricks the Moxie team uses to help tell your story. 

A Conversation, Not a Script 

The Moxie team will research your brand and products with your campaign’s goals in mind. We use that information to generate the right interview questions to make it easy for you to present your story. The best part? You get those questions ahead of your on-camera video shoot so you can review them, think about possible answers, and be ready to go on shoot day.  

Tell Your Story 

We have the interview questions. It’s shoot day. A room full of lights, cameras, boom mics, and crew can be pretty intimidating. We help you with this too. One of our experienced film crew members will ask the questions off to the side of the camera. They are great at making you feel comfortable and at ease.  

Your job is to just look at the person, answer the questions, and have a conversation. Our Moxie crew is curious. We’ll use the questions to get the information from you but don’t be surprised if we go off the paper. We want to know more about your story….we love this stuff!   

Turn Stories Into Success 

Authentic videos can draw the viewer closer. Talking with customers about the success and ease of the process can solidify the audience’s decision. You know your company the best. It’s our job to turn that conversation into an engaging, call-to-action video that helps to increase your business. 

Ready to start telling your story? Reach out to Jason and the rest of the Moxers at

Jason Fliehler

Jason Fliehler

With over 20 years of video and design experience, Jason brings a strong work ethic and attention to detail to Moxie. Responsible for directing and enhancing the video services at Moxie, he utilizes his creative eye and editing skills to successfully execute creative projects from conception to completion.