The Secret to Social Media Success: 3 Metrics to Watch  

The biggest question we get from our clients who are trying to tackle social media presence is without a doubt: What numbers should we be focusing on?  

At Moxie, we manage multiple social media accounts for a variety of clients. And we review tons of metrics to make sure the campaign is achieving its goals. However, using all of these metrics in the analytics reports can be overwhelming to the client. Using too few runs the risk of not telling the full story of their performance.  

In our years of experience working in the social world, we’ve found there are really three analytics metrics that show the true success of the client’s campaign. Here’s what you need to know.  

Engagement Levels  

Engagement levels are one of the most important metrics for the performance of the content. Most social platforms offer more clicking options on a post than a simple URL in the post, such as the follow button, profile picture or link, commenting on the post, liking the post, and sharing the post. They are all equally important to track when reporting your social media analytics. The higher your engagement levels are, the better your content suits your followers or your target audience. 

Engagement Rate  

Like your engagement levels, the rate will show you how effective your performance is by putting impressions into play. The equation to find the engagement rate is the total number of likes, shares, comments, follows, and clicks divided by the number of impressions.  

However, use the engagement rate in your reporting with caution. If a post has a very high engagement rate, but very low impressions, you’ll want to ask yourself whether the post is deemed successful since there isn’t really much information to go off of. 


Many clients are operating with one goal in mind when promoting social media content: Make more money. To make money, your conversions will need to come in play as the main factor of your performance. Measuring conversions is another way of saying that your main goal for a social media campaign is for the target audience to complete the call to action (CTA) and convert them to a customer.  

Conversions will give you the complete story of your campaign to prove what is and what isn’t working in your strategy. For example, your campaign is getting a lot of clicks leading to the landing page, but no one is converting. That narrows down your questioning on your strategy. Perhaps the target audience wasn’t quite right. Or maybe something on the landing page was incorrect or not what your audience was looking for. 

Wow Factor 

Nailing down all these analytics to measure your performance will “wow” your clients by showing them exactly what they are looking for in their results. This, of course, is only the beginning. If you want the chance to “wow” your clients in your reporting, reach out to Nic Redmond at Moxie. 

Nic Redmond

Nic Redmond

Nic loves data, insights, and helping his clients constantly improve their marketing efforts to maximize their return on investment. He pulls data, analyzes it, and puts together findings and other insights to provide recommendations for future campaigns. Nic is an email, social media, and marketing automation specialist.