World Design Day 2020: Be Professional

Design is present everywhere I turn. I notice it everywhere from online ads to the design of a device I am using. Good design can add to the quality of life we experience. It can influence our mood and outlook, and it can educate in ways words alone cannot.

This unique time is a perfect example. Think of how many graphics you see about the pandemic each day. When they are done well, they may help you make important decisions. They may help you make a little more sense of today’s world. That is the challenge and the responsibility of professional design.

Challenges and responsibilities

As a professional designer, I feel a responsibility to contribute in a positive way, not just add to the clutter. Professional designers apply the disciplines we’ve trained in and explored to our own sets of principles that guide us toward sound communication.

We take risks and push past accepted routes, creating our own. We do not just add to our skill sets, but push ourselves to always be better. We channel thoughts and concepts into designs that solve our clients’ problems.

It is our job as designers to challenge the assignment with innovation and vision, past the usual, and get clients excited. But it is also our responsibility to promote and protect their brand. We do that with every design choice we make. Our integrity shows in the work we do, so we are ever vigilant of growing our awareness.

A lot has changed in the many decades I have been in this profession. Even more has changed in the last few months and weeks. But design is still a word that defines itself. That hasn’t changed. The commission to us as designers is the same. Push, shape, explore, share your voice. Guard against – and innovate past – mediocrity.

If you’re struggling to convey your message right now, you might really just need the right graphics. Reach out to me to see if we can help.

Tony Luetkehans

Tony Luetkehans

With more than 37 years in the business, Tony’s talent for organic problem-solving and designing dimensional objects has been put to the test many times. Tony imagines and builds prototypes, packaging, 3D mailers, and video props for many clients. It’s this ability to see how all of the pieces come together that makes him excellent at overseeing complex, multi-faceted creative projects. Tony directs the creative on key accounts such as the 3M Industrial Division and John Deere. Each year, he brings his creative vision and project management experience into producing the widely recognized and award-winning John Deere ag calendar.