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VGM’s Off the Shelf (OTS) Marketing print program, powered by Moxie, offers worry-free preprinted and custom solutions written and designed specifically for your target audience. Our premium print solutions can save you money and time. Check out our Medicare referral guidespatient guidescardsflyersnotifiers, and Mom PrepList cards below. Also, check out our new Wellness Now video!

Referral Source Medicare Guides

Our top-selling Medicare Quick Reference Guides include reimbursement guidelines for referral sources, wound care and breast prostheses. All guides are written, designed and ready to go! Select your preferred guide and let us know if you’d like to have them as is (off the shelf) or personalized to match your brand.

Medicare Reference Guide

The Medicare Reference Guide is a printed piece designed to inform medical professionals of the solutions your business provides. It is a 16-page booklet with tiers for easy navigation.

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Tiered Wound Care Guide

This beautifully designed, tiered booklet includes information about surgical dressings, support surfaces, hospital beds and negative pressure wound therapy. It’s a quick, easy, eight-page reference guide your referral sources are sure to use over and over.

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Mastectomy Guide

An eight-page guide filled with helpful policies, codes and necessary documentation, this is a great resource for all your professional referral sources.

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Patient-Tailored Guides

These large, magazine-like guides are written specifically for patients and caregivers with the right information based on their needs. Click on the example images below to view our preprinted, customized, 8.5″ x11″ guide options.

Home Guide

Whether you’re trying to educate caregivers or end-users, this Off the Shelf Home Guide is a great asset. It is 20 pages filled with room-by-room assessments, Medicare and insurance information, tips for preventing falls and more. Perfect for home shows, workshops and conferences.

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Know Your Options

One of the most powerful print pieces for HME dealers, Know Your Options is a 32-page magazine loaded with assessment tools, equipment solutions, modifications, Medicare and insurance details and more. An HME business must-have! Available as is or customized. Fill out the form on the right to place your request.

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Shades Of Pink

A guide to help mastectomy patients and caregivers navigate the “what’s next?” options following breast surgery. This booklet is a great way for mastectomy and women’s health providers to deepen relationships with customers through education and information.

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Inserts, Cards & Flyers

Upsell your medical accessories and supplies, highlight specials, list service offerings and send follow-up reminders with our flyers, cards and inserts. VGM’s Off the Shelf customized print solutions offer your company the opportunity to connect with patients about the supplies and services they need to stay healthy in their home.

Product Package Inserts

If VGM Fulfillment distributes your customer orders, add a customized insert to share instructions, cross-sell products or promote a new service. Package inserts are offered as one- or two-sided cards measuring 5.5″ x 8.5″.  In full color, our printed inserts deliver a customized message of promotion, reminder, important information and more, within the customer’s package.

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Leave Behind Cards

After a product setup or home visit, a helpful and popular marketing piece is a leave behind card. Measuring 4″ x 9″ with full color, a one- or two-sided card is perfect to summarize your service and product offerings and leave patients with a reminder of your company name and contact information.

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Bifold, Trifold, Quad Fold Brochures

Professionally printed flyers such as bifold, trifold and quad fold brochures are a staple for any business. Educate your referral sources, patients or caregivers about your company offerings with contact information. Customized with your brand, content and design, our brochures are affordable, impactful and delivered to you quickly. Inquire about a new brochure order or reorder today. Fill out the form to the right now.

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Expecting Mom PrepList

The Expecting Mom PrepList is a two-sided, printed card that outlines essentials moms might need. It’s a great way to help moms prepare while establishing your business as the go-to place for all their needs. Hand it out to your customers directly or through OBGYN offices.

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Important Information Notifiers

Don’t let your patients be fooled by gimmick Medicare information. Be proactive by warning them of the risks of fake Medicare Advantage plans, often advertised by celebrities, with a pre-written postcard, leave behind, or invoice slip. All packages come with digital graphics to add to your website to keep your patients informed. We’ll also brand the message with your logo and contact information. Mailing options are available to send to your patients directly or via VGM OTS.

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