The Client

CPM is a leading manufacturer of processing equipment and automation systems.


CPM has a well-defined brand. Their entire organization knew they were a reliable company producing top-quality products that kept running. In their words – “It Just Runs.” CPM needed to reinvigorate their marketing efforts and find a way to acknowledge and thank their current customers for their business. They also needed a strategic media buy to get the word out.


Launch a fresh campaign that reflects who they are as a company and support it with a strong media buy.

  • Bolster confidence of existing customers.
  • Connect and engage with prospects.
  • Get the word out with a strategic media buy.

Our Solution

We helped CPM adopt a tagline that customers were already saying, “it just runs.”

  • A gritty, tough look reinforced the idea.
  • Equipment was shown next to strong, tough-looking CPM team members.
  • The theme doubled to speak to the tough equipment and the 24-7 customer service.

The Results

For the first time in company history, CPM experienced customers reaching out to them directly because of an advertising campaign, telling them how attention-grabbing they thought the messaging was. When one of the main publications they appear in performed an ad study with their readers, it received a top three ranking.