The Client


VGM Group, an employee-owned company with 1,300 employees (and Moxie’s parent company), needed clear, concise communications to explain how employee stock ownership plans (ESOPs) work, and why the employee ownership culture creates a more meaningful work experience.


Teach VGM employee owners about relevant ESOP information, making the benefit easier to understand. Use stories to explain what it means to be an employee owner. Showcase how everyday performance contributes
to the company goals, increasing the value of the company shares and retirement accounts.

Our Solution

Create a variety of deliverables to communicate, engage, and empower employees to embrace the company principle, OWN YOUR FUTURE. This included live events, slideshow presentations, flyers, videos, a plan for lunch-and-learn trainings, and more. You belong at VGM.

The Results

VGM created a movement which inspires and empowers employees every day. As a testament, VGM continues to be one of the fastest-growing companies in their state and has branched out to additional locations across the U.S.