The Client

Mi-T-M is a leading manufacturer of high-quality industrial equipment with an extensive line of products
including pressure washers, air compressors, and generators.


Mi-T-M was experiencing a brand gap. Most of their customers, both current and potential, perceived them as a manufacturer of pressure washers. Customers were unaware of the other products they offered.


Decrease brand gap and make customers aware of all the products Mi-T-M manufactures. Mi-T-M also wanted to reinforce their brand – Midwest company, Midwest values, and innovative products built by a passionate workforce. Additionally, they wanted to:

  • Create messaging that reflected their company-wide pride in making only the best equipment.
  • Showcase their excellent customer service.

Our Solution

A new ad campaign, brand video, and photo shoot. The photo shoot allowed Mi-T-M to obtain photos of all their products. The brand video and ad campaign featured a catchy, edgy slogan, which refers not only to the quality of the products they manufacture but the people who build and sell their products.

The Results

Decreased brand gap and improved perceived value – customers are aware of their various product offerings and understand they offer a durable line of equipment. On a cultural level, their company has completely embraced the message and now proudly wear the slogan on shirts and hats. They’ve since decided to reinforce the slogan with an updated brand video.