The Client

Periscope is a healthcare consulting
group that contracts with payer sources, such as insurance
companies, to conduct assessments to better understand beneficiary needs, desired outcomes, and assist in a course of action. Ultimately, they act as the “eyes” of the contracted partner, ensuring the beneficiary is equipped with the right solutions.


Periscope, then known as DME Consulting Group, was founded in 1998 and was a recognizable brand in the healthcare industry. They began to explore a business expansion to industries outside of healthcare and saw a need to expand their brand as well.


Seeking a new identity, DME Consulting Group needed a new company name, logo, tagline, and brand guide. Addressing their audience needs, the new identity would define DME Consulting Group as the right solution partner to provide critical services in multiple markets.

Our Solution

We collaborated with the client to develop the business name Periscope, matching the intention of the company to provide a full 360° view patient assessment. The client settled on the tagline The Information You Need as a simple and direct descriptor. Additional deliverables from Moxie included the full development of brand identity and a brand guide.

The Results

No longer confined to a single market or offering, Periscope’s new identity has been well received by all partners, team members, and peers alike. We continue to partner with Periscope for their marketing needs.