Stand up for your brand (Part 2 of 3): Freedom of creativity

Branding guides are essentially rule books governing the use of you company’s identity, but that doesn’t mean they limit your creative team’s freedom. They’re foundational building blocks. It’s so interesting to see what happens when different craftsmen begin work with the same tools.

Established brand standards actually help you push the visual envelope and explore creative solutions. It’s our job as creatives to push the limits without breaking them, so everything is identifiable but everything doesn’t look static.

Tony Luetkehans About the author

Tony Luetkehans is known as a “build it from the ground up” kind of guy. With more than 37 years in the business. His talent for organic problem-solving and designing dimensional objects has been put to the test many times in both imagining and building prototypes, packaging, 3D mailers and video props for many clients. It’s this ability to see how all of the pieces come together that makes him excellent at overseeing complex, multi-faceted creative projects. Tony’s philosophy? “Keep it simple (even when it isn’t).” Tony directs the creative on key accounts such as the 3M Industrial Division and John Deere. Each year he brings his creative vision and project management experience into producing the widely recognized and award-winning John Deere Ag Calendar.