VGM Pitchabaloo Materials

Pitchabaloo Campaign

When VGM wanted to spark employee innovation, they came to Moxie. The result was Pitchabaloo, a contest to find the best ideas of the year. Moxie created everything needed to plan, promote, and host this creative event.
  • VGM Group, Inc.
VGM Heartland Conference Materials

2021 Heartland Conference

After a virtual event in 2020, VGM & Associates’ Heartland Conference celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2021 with its usual fanfare. This huge event gathers almost 1,000 members of the healthcare industry in our hometown of Waterloo, Iowa, every year, and Moxie handles it all. From the registration website to event signage, promotional videos to booking venues, every aspect is touched by Moxie magic. If you’re looking for a fresh take on your event, put our team to the test!
  • VGM Group, Inc.