The Client

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Marmon Rail Companies needed to hire 1,000 employees across their three companies at multiple locations in the U.S. and Canada. After meeting with Moxie, the Marmon team discovered they had many questions about their ideal recruit. Who is the ideal recruit? Where do they go to learn about jobs?
How could we engage them in a recruitment campaign? To answer these questions, Moxie conducted interviews of more than 30 employees to build profiles to better understand how to reach and engage the ideal recruit to apply for a job.


Discover the ideal candidate characteristics for Marmon Rail employees as they are and how they will change for the future.
Current Employee Interviews
Discovery of commonalities, differences, and characteristics of employees at the three companies.

Our Solution

Persona Development
Based on the interviews, we created personas that vary by age, experience, and gender.
Messaging and Imagery
Based on the persona details, messaging and imagery were designed to speak specifically to the targeted audience. This included a tagline, important recruitment messages, and corresponding imagery.

The Results

This project kicked off by prioritizing research for a better understanding of the target audiences.
The messaging and imagery developed resonated with the audiences, causing them to take action.
As an added bonus, the increase in recruitment initiatives also increased overall brand awareness, which supports the long-term employment funnel.
Collateral included posters, mailers, social media, website updates, print and digital ads, photography, video, a calling campaign, and a career fair kit.