Michele Jensen


From small, local organizations to Fortune 500s, Michele handles the strategic partnerships
with Moxie’s clients. If you think you have a wild idea, know that Michele tackled an insane
riptide in the Gulf of Mexico and is ready for any challenge.

  • Credentials: Bachelor’s in marketing, University of Northern Iowa
  • Experience: 20+ years in marketing strategy
  • Who knew: Finds people cracking their neck to be the most cringe-inducing experience

Business Development

Sarah Wieland

Business Developer

At home, Sarah loves mixing up her own signature spice blends. And as a business developer
at Moxie, she helps clients mix up their own signature blends of marketing strategy. Count on
Sarah to come to the table with her combo of collaboration, innovation, and creativity, taking
average concepts to bold new levels.

  • Credentials: Bachelor’s in biology, University of Iowa
  • Experience: 20+ years in client and project management
  • Who knew: Grew up on a farm and was selected as Beef Queen at the local fair

Jenna Grover

Business Developer

Having worked in various marketing roles for over a decade with John Deere, Jenna brings the
knowledge of working with giant, well-known brands. She also not only knows how to market
a business, but how to run one as well—she owned a boutique for about seven years! Though
competitive, Jenna uses this trait to her advantage, making offers that can’t be refused.

  • Credentials: Bachelor’s in sales, marketing, and advertising,
    University of Northern Iowa
  • Experience: 10+ years in various marketing positions
  • Who knew: True crime podcast junkie

Veronica Barber

OTS Marketing Coordinator

With a background in patient care, Veronica has a vast knowledge of the medical and
durable medical equipment fields of work, as well as many years of customer service. As
VGM Off the Shelf’s marketing coordinator, she combines these skills to promote OTS

  • Credentials: Paralegal Associates, Kaplan University
  • Experience: 17 years in customer service
  • Who knew: If there’s a DIY project that has a YouTube video, she will tackle it—she
    has already built her own desk and remodeled her bathroom this way

Account Management

Jenny Hughes

Account Manager

With a background in marketing, graphic design, and anthropology, Jenny has quite the range
of knowledge. Using this to her advantage, Jenny brings creative solutions to the table for the
clients she works with daily.

  • Credentials: Bachelor’s in sales and advertising, University of Northern Iowa
  • Experience: 10+ years in account management
  • Who knew: Considered pursuing primatology, but didn’t want to show up Jane Goodall

Kimberly Rogers

Account Manager

With Kim’s knack for making sure everything is as organized and smooth as possible, she’s able
to make work for both the Moxers and her clients a breeze. Though obsessed with Halloween,
there is nothing spooky about the dedication she puts into her work every day.

  • Credentials: Bachelor’s in marketing and management and organization,
    University of Iowa
  • Experience: 15+ years in account management
  • Who knew: She owns 75 pairs of shoes

Content Team

Jen Gilbert

Senior Copywriter

Jen’s writing experience spans nearly all fields and settings you could think of (except being a
food blogger, which she still aspires to be). You would be pressed to bring a subject to the
table Jen can’t handle and masterfully craft with the power of words.

  • Credentials: Bachelor’s in English, Tulane University
  • Experience: 25+ years of writing experience in all media types, as well as
    an expert strategist
  • Who knew: Once bumped into Shaquille O’Neal’s knees

Kristin Guess


Kristin has a wide range of skills—from teaching her cat to high-five to being a masterful
wordsmith, crafting top-quality content for our clients. Just as impressive is her range of
writing experience, from entertainment publications to academia.

  • Credentials: Bachelor’s in journalism, University of Iowa
  • Experience: 15+ years writing experience in a variety of fields
  • Who knew: Once had a chance encounter with Coolio at an airport

Kyle Rekemeyer

Junior Copywriter

Like the threads through his cross-stitch fabrics, Kyle weaves his words to create a larger,
beautiful picture. Previously working in the patient care field, Kyle is no stranger to urgency.
With experience in copyediting and his attention to detail, Kyle makes sure all his ducks are in
a row for each project.

  • Credentials: Bachelor’s in English and psychology, University of Northern Iowa
  • Experience: Three years in copywriting and editing
  • Who knew: Once had Ginger Spice from the Spice Girls respond to his tweet

Design Team

Lori Stewart

Senior Designer

As Moxie’s senior designer, Lori not only presents her work on a silver platter, but also
provides feedback to the other designers as part of the creative review team. Her attention to
detail is unmatched, going as far as noticing when the dollar bills in her wallet aren’t all the
same direction.

  • Credentials: Associate degree in graphic communications,
    Hawkeye Community College
  • Experience: 25 years in design
  • Who knew: Winner of the Moxie blind chicken-strip taste challenge

Jamie Gray

Graphic Designer

As a graphic designer, Jamie has the distinct position of handling some of Moxie’s biggest
clients and their design needs. Like the beer she brews in her spare time, Jamie can also brew
creative spins that bring the wow factor to every project she works on.

  • Credentials: Bachelor’s in graphic technologies and marketing,
    University of Northern Iowa
  • Experience: 10+ years of agency design
  • Who knew: Brews her own beer (and designs the labels for them)

Aaron Sweeny

Graphic Designer

Aaron has a love for all things media, and this is felt in all the work he puts out for Moxie’s
clients. From print to video, Aaron can do it all—lending expertise to both online and
offline projects.

  • Credentials: Bachelor’s in graphic design, University of Northern Iowa
  • Experience: 16+ years in a variety of media
  • Who knew: Enjoys trying different craft brews and whiskey

Tony Luetkehans

Special Projects Director

From creating simple props to designing full-sized jungle gyms, Tony can take wild, seemingly
impossible tasks by the horns and effortlessly turn out results. Though you may not know how
to correctly pronounce his last name, you can at least know that he can take a challenge.

  • Credentials: Completed DMACC’s design program
  • Experience: 37+ years in design
  • Who knew: Maker enthusiast who enjoys creating fun and useful products
    with his hands

Video Team

Jason Fliehler

Video Content Director

Jason has an attention to detail matched by few in the field. Fueled by root beer, Jason is
there each step of the way, from filming and directing on-site to final edits in the
studio. Clients enjoy working with Jason not only for the quality of work he delivers, but the
way he collaborates to bring people and ideas together to tell an authentic, compelling story.

  • Credentials: Bachelor’s in communication arts, Wartburg College
  • Experience: 20+ years in video and design
  • Who knew: Aficionado in the T-shirt field

Matt Miller

Creative Strategy Director

Matt is Moxie’s lead animator and 3D specialist, bringing the intricacies of literal moving parts
into perspective for the casual viewer. Much like the many hot wing challenges he’s overcome
through the years, there isn’t an intense project that Matt won’t be ready to tackle.

  • Credentials: Bachelor’s in electronic media, Cedarville University
  • Experience: 12 years in electronic media
  • Who knew: Will argue with you about how Apple products are overrated

Thomas Benjamin

Photo and Video Producer

A former producer for a local TV station, Thomas knows how to work the camera to provide
the highest-quality and most meaningful shots. While he considers himself an above-average
mixologist at home, you can expect Thomas to deliver more than just above-average work.

  • Credentials: Bachelor’s in communications, University of Northern Iowa
  • Experience: Over eight years in photo/video
  • Who knew: Could eat Panda Express orange chicken for the rest of his life

Web Development

Jonathan Wheeler

Web Developer

Jon is Moxie’s brains behind all things web design. With over seven years of experience
playing guitar, Jon’s web pages are music to the ears (or eyes in this case). From simple page
adjustments to complex web building, Jon creates websites that win awards and deliver results.

  • Credentials: Associate degree in graphic communications and graphic design,
    Hawkeye Community College
  • Experience: Over three years of web development
  • Who knew: Got a scholarship to play video games in college and used to be in the
    top .02% of 67 million players

Data Analysis

Nic Redmond

Marketing Insights Analyst

Numbers, numbers, numbers—these are what Nic sees every day. And this is a critical role. As
Moxie’s marketing insights analyst, Nic dissects data for clients and develops reports on areas
that are working and areas that may need more focus. Much like the sauces he develops, Nic
can help steer you in a hot direction.

  • Credentials: Bachelor’s in marketing, University of Northern Iowa
  • Experience: Over six years in data analytics
  • Who knew: Won an Xbox in a Bingo contest


Christy Pospisil

Traffic Manager

As Moxie’s traffic manager, Christy helps create, assign, and track new jobs coming into Moxie
each day—more like each hour. With the dozens of moving parts, Christy is there to make sure
everything is in line, running smoothly, and in perfect harmony behind the scenes.

  • Credentials: Bachelor’s in graphic design and graphic technologies,
    University of Northern Iowa
  • Experience: 10+ years of project management experience
  • Who knew: Plays a mean game of Scrabble


Denise Launderville

Billing Coordinator

As Moxie’s billing coordinator, Denise has the task of handling all client billing as well as
being responsible for corporate accounting and billing. Though she can figure out how to
handle numbers, she still can’t seem to figure out why she lives in a state where the cold
hurts her face.

  • Experience: 40+ years in accounting and customer service
  • Who knew: Has way too many craft supplies, yet doesn’t finish many of the
    crafts she starts